Slovenia day 6 task 5

In the red Renault bus again… I’ve definitely found my calling in life – climbing onto the roof-rack to load 14 gliders on top!

Craig and his Slovenian brother 🙂

We still had a forecast for strong winds at 3000m, so that restricted the options a bit, however a good long 73km task was set taking in the usual run down to Tolmin and back (but with a slight difference), and then a run along the awesome ridge that runs behind the Stol takeoff before heading into goal.

Some of the usual suspects…
Following Kirsty on her Omega 8 down the ridge

The run down to Tolmin and back was pretty straightforward – it was working in all the usual places, but I got stuck for a while after getting the 4th turnpoint and had to grovel low down on the “pimple” behind Kobarid before I found a climb strong enough to enable me to make the transition onto the ridge behind.

Now that's what I call a thermal!

I arrived on the ridge quite low and it took a while before I found a nice climb up to a sensible height, but from there bagging the turnpoint and getting back to the ridge was easy. Apparently Craig Morgan got so low there he wanted to swap his glider for a white water raft (though he did manage to climb out again). I contoured the hill for 3.5 km before I found the thermal of the week as far as I was concerned – a solid 5m/s for fifteen 360s took me from approx 1000m to 2100m in about 3.5 minutes. The views over the back towards Bovec and the high mountains behind was fantastic.

2,100m – my highest for the week

From here it was a 14km glide into goal via the final turnpoint – I had a good fast glide and overtook Mike on his Avax XC2 and Colin Hawke on his Boomerang GTO to get into goal in 3 hours 3 minutes.

Getting into goal

Guy was first into goal from our house, followed by me, Al and Pete. Nick, Ben, Fi, Angus, June and Kussy didn’t make it…

Results here. A few more photos here. I’m now 53rd overall and 3rd in the Sports class. I’ve got to beat Toby by quite a margin tomorrow if I’m to get the top spot back 🙂

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