Slovenia day 5 task 4

YARR. (Yet Another Ridge Run). Well, that’s a bit unkind but it does feel like that. The winds at 3000m were forecast to be 40km/h so the task committee set a 58km task up and down the Kobarid / Tolmin valley. The sky initially had lots of high cloud cover but it cleared shortly after the race started.

Loitering befoe the start
Getting close to turnpoint 1 near Tolmin
Gliding back towards Kobarid

I wasted valuable time just after the start wondering whether I should dive over the back or press on with the majority of gliders. I hesitated, lost valuable places then pressed on with the masses. I overtook quite a few gliders and eventually arrived over goal after 2 hours 23 minutes (the winner did it in 1 hour 32!) feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Arriving over goal

Guy beat me into goal by a minute, Mike was fractionally earlier, then came Nick, Al and Pete. Ben, Fi & Angus didn’t make it…

Results here. Photos here. I think I’ve lost my top spot in the sports class though – must try harder today 🙂

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