Slovenia day 4 task 3

A 54km race to goal was eventually set at about 1530 due to quite strong winds on take off, low cloudbase and biggish clouds nearby. The window opened at 1545 with the race start at 1630. This gave us plenty of time to get a good position for the start within the 3km start in/exit cylinder.

A couple of minutes after the start!
Almost at the end of the ridge

We were heading down to Tolmin and back again (as we have done every task so far), but is was pretty murky heading back up to turnpoint T17 behind takeoff.

Very dark ahead
The highest peak in the area, Krn, is shrouded in cloud again

The third from last turnpoint was a few km up this valley

Quite a few people landed low down up this valley as the clouds shut down the lift but I arrived reasonably high up the ridge and didn’t have a problem getting up high enough to make the transition over the ridge in front towards the next turnpoint.

Goal at Dreznica with quite a number of pilots already there

I arrived after 2 hours 3 minutes at 1830, after Mike and Al. Guy was flying a blinder but unfortunately landed 1km short. Pete made it round a bit later, Nick, Fi, Angus, Ben and June didn’t finish it.

Al looking pleased despite parking his wing in a small tree when he landed 🙂

So a great task, followed by a good free meal for all pilots at the local paragliding instructor’s hotel in Dreznica.

View a slideshow of today’s photos here. Results here. I’m currently in 54th place overall and I believe 1st sports class glider! Right, let’s stop the comp now, no more tasks please 🙂

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