Oh, St-André…

… I miss you…!

It’s only taken me about four months to finish editing a couple of short videos of my eight or nine days in St-André-les-Alps for the British Open back in August, but doing so brought back such great memories – the start gaggles, the booming climbs, the low saves, the scratching low over trees and gullies, those rough lee-side thermals, the camaraderie, the views, getting to goal – that it just makes me want to go back there again!

The first video is from the day before the comp when a group of us set out to fly up to St Vincent and back. Things didn’t quite work out as planned and we all got separated, but I still managed a really nice 90km FAI triangle – a perfect warm-up for the comp proper…

Then came the four comp tasks – the first and second tasks were difficult for Sports class gliders due to the stronger than expected southerly wind, but the third and fourth tasks let us all get to goal – wahoo!!

Ah well, until next time…

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