Summer seems like a long time ago…

Gosh, the clocks are about to go back, and summer seems like a very long time ago now. I’ve had a couple of nice flights since getting back from Ager in early September – a short XC on my solo glider, and a great day taking some friends of mine tandeming at Pandy, but that’s pretty much been it 😦

Tandem fun at Pandy

Taking of Ager, it was a great week, and amazingly I ended up winning the Sports Class. and came 17th overall – my best ever comp results! See the full results here.

Spectacular flying at Ager

I can thoroughly recommend Ager as a great paragliding destination: reliable weather, stunning scenery and a lovely town – the video below will give you an idea of what it’s like…

Let’s hope we get a few more good days before winter sets in for good…

One response to “Summer seems like a long time ago…”

  1. beautiful views of flying paragliders. and amazing place this is. Passion of paragliding is just like feel to heaven. As a paraglider pilot i hv feeled the thrill.i wish to visit there.
    Thanks for sharing.

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