The “Milk Run” – Hay Bluff to Abergavenny

I’m getting a bit behind in my blog posts – it’s simply because there have been so many good flying days! I still want to write up my new PB flight from Golden Ball on Monday 6th May, but I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait!

Saturday 25th May was a classic light wind day and we had plans for a bit triangle from Hundred House. To cut a long story short it didn’t happen although two or three pilots did two out of the three turnpoints – the basic problem was that the hill wasn’t working well. So a few of us cut our losses and headed to Hay Bluff, where after a bit of a hike, we arrived at the top at 1630 to find it had been equally frustrating there.

At 1700 things are starting to look more promising!
I took off at 1715 and slowly climbed out

I then proceeded to have a lovely flight down to Abergavenny, landing at about 1830. I’ve uploaded all the photos to flickr and have added a bit of commentary so there’s no point doubling up – please click here to view the photos.

Spiraling down over Castle Meadows

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