Twice the fun…!


Since I passed my tandem rating back in November last year I’ve done a few flights, but over the last few days I’ve certainly had my fill! On Saturday 18th May I had a lot of fun doing seven flights for a family who were the highest bidders in a fundraising auction for Combe Down Rugby Club. It’s pretty self-evident from the video I made that they all enjoyed it, even if they were a bit nervous at times…!

Later on Saturday I sat in the passenger for two flights with fellow syndicate member Alan Davies at the controls – more fun…!

Then yesterday evening I went up to Westbury again, with Al and Mike Coupe, where we enjoyed pretty much perfect conditions from 1830 to 2100. Again I was crash test dummy for them both, with Al and Mike both doing six flights each, and me finishing it off with a short flight in the back seat. Monday evenings don’t come much better than that 🙂

2 responses to “Twice the fun…!”

  1. The face on the girl in the first picture sums up why I like to take my friends on tandem flights 🙂

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