Fifteen years ago…

I recently edited some old video footage from the 1998 Paramania Fly-In which was held over the May Bank Holiday weekend… There’s not a huge amount of flying in it as our kids were 11 months old and just under 3 at the time so it’s a bit kiddy-centric, but it brought back some very happy memories of a great weekend with good friends…

2 responses to “Fifteen years ago…”

  1. Very Cool…blast from the past. I like the camper van.

  2. Really nice video Tim! Clearly a man after my own heart, rather than apologising for being a bit ‘Kid-centric’, I fully applaud. My kids have always been involved (like it or not) in whatever we do and I believe that with families this is the way it should always be. Lovely video to watch – thanks! Dave

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