How to blow a 100km flight…!

I’ve had time to do the post mortem on my flight from the Malverns on Sunday and have compared my tracklog with Guy Anderson’s, who went on to do 112km.

Here’s mine:

Me at 14:31:39

And here’s Guy two minutes later…

Guy at 14:33:39

Was I unlucky or what?!

Thinking about it, maybe I wasn’t unlucky… I got a lift straight back to the Bridge Inn with some friends of friends then enjoyed three very pleasant pints with a bunch of mates, and was home by 1945. Meanwhile Guy and his crew were still getting retrieved from near Brecon!

2 responses to “How to blow a 100km flight…!”

  1. It never pays to play the “if only” scenario, you will become embittered and frustrated!! 🙂

  2. I agree Viv, though you can learn from things like this. Guy actually climbed a bit more in the thermal I left because I thought it had fizzled out, so I really should have stuck with it a bit more, especially in weak conditions when flying with someone else really helps.

    But on the other hand I got a lift to the Bridge Inn with some friends of a good friend and then had the chance to enjoy three pints with a bunch of mates, so overall the day was still a great success 🙂

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