Flymaster B1 Nav user defined fields and other settings

08/02/2012: All the information previously in this post has been moved here.


7 responses to “Flymaster B1 Nav user defined fields and other settings”

  1. Hello Tim,
    I just found it useful to put “distance to takeoff” user field on XC flying page, this way you always know your free distance from your take off (useful when you try to beat your xcontest record)

    1. Hi Vahid, thanks for this… However if you don’t have any goal set the distance from takeoff is displayed above the UDFs anyway, so it’s not really needed.

      1. Yes You are right, Thanks for sharing..
        I love your blog, your photos are awesome, thanks again man..

    2. Thanks Vahid, appreciate your comments! Where do you fly?

  2. I am currently flying in Iran/Persia. pretty nice dry strong weather on flying seasons.

  3. steve etherington Avatar
    steve etherington

    hi Tim is there any way you can post your setting files for me to download to my flymaster

    1. Hi Steve, no I don’t think so, particularly as mine is the B1 Nav (prev generation of instruments) and yours is the latest gen.

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