Into the heart of the Morgon…

Well, guess what? Task canned at 1600, conditions switch on at 1610! C’est la vie šŸ™‚

Oh well, pas de probleme, Hugh and I had a mission, and that was to fly to the Morgon – a massive lump of rock to the north of the Dormillouse. We climbed up to 2800m at the Dormillouse then pushed out over St Vincent towards the Morgon. It’s not until you get there that you realise just how big it is and just how small you are! There’s something about big lumps of rock that make me more than just a bit aprehensive!

Hugh is just a tiny spec against the massive rocky bulk of the Morgon

I called Hugh up on the radio as he headed over the Morgon itself – he said he was bricking himself – I replied that I was glad I wasn’t the only one šŸ™‚

Hugh looking calmer than he felt as he flies over the Morgon!

We got a nice climb over the very top and climbed back up to 2800m again and decided we’d had enough of this heart-in-the-mouth stuff, waiting for, but thankfully not getting, a good kicking, so we headed back to the known quantity of the Dormillouse!

Cruising back to the friendly Dormillouse

I arrived back at a good height and found a lovely climb with took me up nice and high again, so I headed out to turnpoint B20 (TP1 in yesterday’s task). I had a lovely glide over there with a beautiful thermal half way to it, however the last 1km was in horrible sink and I arrived at the TP where I was sure it should be working but was left sadly disappointed! I didn’t bother hanging around and headed back basically following the contours of the land until I was eventually forced to land a couple of kms from the St Jean landing field.

So, another day in which we failed to have a task, but another day when I had a great flight!

More photos from this flight here.

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