Task 2 – A tale of two flights…

Beautiful conditions today – perfect for a great task and some stunning photos before the start…

The pre-start gaggle!
Product placement again!

I had a great start and for most of the way to TP1 there was no one in front of me – that’s a first 🙂

TP1 is the lump to the right of centre

But after the second TP I, along with quite a few others made a bad decision opting to go closer to the ridge rather than take the direct route to TP3 (at the lake) and we watched the next lot cruise down the valley arriving higher and faster at the TP. Doh! It then took me an age to get high again on the Dormillouse, and from then on I was playing catchup, taking too many risks by not topping enough when I had the chance.

To cut a long story short I flew the last two TPs on my own, never getting above 1700m, and at one point a 100m or so below the goal field. But it was a lovely low level flight, soaring small ridges taking everything I could get. I eventually got to goal in a time of 3 hours, in 63rd place!

Brilliant fun!

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