Good news and bad news…

Well the good news is that we’ve had our first task today, a 63km race to goal starting at 1600. The bad news is that it was stopped before anyone made it to the fourth turnpoint because of difficulties in getting a helicopter to two injured pilots who had crashed on the ridge behind takeoff. The first pilot came down under his reserve before the start right at the very top of the Dormillouse, the second lower down the ridge about 45 minutes later I guess. The trouble was that the top of the Dormillouse was the third turnpoint in the race and so there was going to be a conlict between gliders and the chopper!

Climbing out before the start

I had a good start and was in the first couple of dozen gliders heading to TP1, and I think I was in the top 20-30 at the time the task was stopped.

Waiting for the start at 1600

At the moment I don’t have any news about the two pilots who crashed apart from we heard them both say over the radio that they were sore but could move legs – here’s hoping they’re not seriously injured.

Today’s photos start here on Flickr.

One response to “Good news and bad news…”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for posts about Al and I now know Gill has spoken to you so she is in the loop. Pity nobody from the organisation managed to call her sooner but I suppose they are pretty busy – I’m sure she is really grateful for your help. Give our best to Al – here’s hoping stable means stable in the pelvic regions.

    Really makes one think when sombody as experienced and safe a piolt as Al is bitten by PG – even if a dust devil was involved….


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