Comp day 3 – Sod’s Law

Briefing at 1000 – sunny but too windy. Rebriefing at 1300  sunny but windy and forecast to remain windy. 1400 – first gliders appear above St Vincent. 1415 – ten gliders above St Vincent, climbing high. 1430 – we’re at St Vincent preparing to take off, and by 1500 I had climbed out level with the top of the Dormillouse! Fantastic!

The comp day was cancelled two hours earlier!

Dave, Mike, Guy, Hugh and I all enjoyed 2-2.5 hour flights all around the vicinity with Guy almost getting to the dam before getting onto the Morgon. Dave bagged one of the turnpoints on the other side of the lake, and I did two circuits heading towards the dam but not quite as far as Guy.

Great views from 2,500m!

So, another great day, but still no tasks… The lot of a comp director is not always an easy one!

More photos here.

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