Comp Day 2… no task, but not no flying!

Briefing at 9am then rebriefing at 11am… Sunny but too windy so team Avon decide to hire some mountain bikes and take the easy way up the hill (ie. chairlift) for a afternoon’s biking. Amazingly there were no incidents or injuries despite the fast decents on gravelly tracks. We had actually seen quite a few people flying at St Vincent les Forts as we cycled, and when we arrived there at about 5pm it was in fact pretty breezy and there were some entertaining take offs (read scary) that kept the crowd of spectators happy 🙂 We were rather pleased to be on the ground enjoying a beer!

However I returned later with my flatmates (Guy, Mike, Hugh and Dave), and the wind was perfect. No sooner had we started to get our gliders out, when, like flies to the proverbial, pilots emerged from all directions and we all enjoyed a beautiful 40 mins flying in this stunning location until the sun went down… What a bonus!

We turned up at St Vincent at exactly the right time…
Careful product placement!
Looking NW
Hugh's stolen my glider!
The money shot…

One response to “Comp Day 2… no task, but not no flying!”

  1. Wicked Photos, I like the product placement, its a tricky shot to get right 😉 Good luck in the comp

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