Non-flying days aren’t always bad…

So I guess yesterday (Saturday) was the official practice day however it was windy and cloudy and generally not looking ideal for flying.

Hmmm, go flying or head to Dignes les Bains for a boys shopping at Decathlon?

So after a quick conflab we decided some retail therapy at the Decathlon store in Dignes les Bains was in order… A couple of  hours later we were all fully therapied out (and I was 120 euros out of pocket too) so we hopped into the car and drove into the town centre for a beer and found ourseleves in the middle of a marching band competiion featuring teams from all round Europe, including Sweden, Denmark, Spain and yes, the UK, represented by the Romford Trumpet and Drum Corps! Ha I thought, we’ll show them, us Brits know how to do marching bands!

Crikey was I ever wrong! That’s not saying they were bad, far from it, they could march and drum and blow the trumpet as well as, if not better than the rest of them, but I’m afraid they didn’t stand a chance against the other two bands we saw, from Sweden and Denmark. Sadly we missed the Spanish entry, but apparently they had great costumes! Anyway, I’ll let you judge for yourselves…

Romford's finest


The "Swedish Horn Stars" (credit to Mike Miller for the name!)
The Danish all girl band from Helsingør

As you can see poor old Romford never stood a chance 🙂

3 responses to “Non-flying days aren’t always bad…”

  1. what was it that Romford didn’t have. Was it girls in sexy costumes?

    1. Yes, you could say that ;^) But from a purely musical point of view you were the best out of the three we saw. How many bands were there altogether, and how did you do?

  2. Tim
    It was not a competition but a festival to celebrate the harvesting of Lavender. There were three other bands in the tattoo, although there were more during the parade which I guess is where you captured us.
    The white shirts are our summer uniform, where as later in the evening we wore our full dress uniform. see our website
    Sorry we dont do sexy uniforms, however they are an average age of 15 so its not something I would be comfortable with.
    Thanks for the compliment on our sound. We were flying the flag for the youth of Britain, whilst getting news come through of the youths rioting in England.

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