More info about the Impress 3

Advance has updated its website giving more details about the Impress 3 including sizing charts and technical specifications. I had the opportunity to look at Bruce Goldsmith’s prototype at the North-South Cup last weekend and I have to say it was amazingly light – I could easily pick it up in one hand, and that included reserve and instruments, though maybe it was a lightweight reserve… I didn’t sit in it as it was a medium and I need a large, however it certainly looked very comfortable. I didn’t take any photos of it – there were too many people crowded round it, but click on the photo below to see a few more photos of a “95% finished” prototype:

Final prototype (Photo Raddson Stodki – click photo for more pics)
Greg Blondeu in a prototype I3 (Photo lebanditdemasque – click photo for more)

The medium weighs in at 4.7kg, the large 4.9kg.

As for delivery dates, M size will be available from the middle of June, L and S sizes will follow one month later at the earliest.

I don’t have any info on prices, but watch this space!

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