My first ton! (and it’s only taken me 22 years :-)

Well, I’ve finally cracked it, and as the title says, it only took me 22 years to do it! Good things do indeed come to those who wait 🙂 It was definitely on the breezy side at Liddington, and it took me a while before I left the hill on my own in a lovely climb.

A great looking sky at Liddington

I haven’t got time to write a full story right now, but here are a few more pics and a video clip of me passing the 100km mark. There will be a full write up and video to follow in due course…

Dave Thomas on his Nova Factor near Petersfield
Looking east along the south coast – Littlehampton is in the middle of the photo
I landed on the beach at Littlehampton to the east (left) of the river
On the beach!

5 responses to “My first ton! (and it’s only taken me 22 years :-)”

  1. Good one Tim,

    I climbed out just before you I think (we were both working the field at the front if you remember). Anyway I made a really(!!) stupid decision to try and glide to the start of a classic looking cloud street with sailplanes zooming up ad down it. Massive sink; 5000ft to the deck in 5 minutes for 20ish km at Hungerford 😦 – I’ve done that before it didn’t work last time, didn’t work this, duh!!

    Good one, hope we get many more like this year – bit less windy though.


    1. Colin, I feel for you – gutting… So much of this game is luck isn’t it, it’s just that some days you have more luck than other days! Next time…!

  2. Tim this would be great in SkyWings either next issue or the one after, I really enjoyed the read and video well done. For LAT pilots like me things like this just show what can be achieved with more experience.

    1. Cheers Nik, I’ll write a longer version for Skywings in due course. Look out for the full length video coming v soon – that will inspire and encourage you…!

  3. […] significant flight, in that it was my first legitimate 100km flight and a new personal best! (My 117km flight from Liddington last year infringed airspace […]

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