More news on the Impress 3

Advance have posted a news item on their website – click here for full details.

The IMPRESS 3 is expected to come on to the market at the beginning of June 2011. Based on LIGHTNESS technology the new IMPRESS 3 has been optimised specifically in terms of its weight, aerodynamics and comfort.

The IMPRESS 3 is a direct continuation of the LIGHTNESS concept and comes out distinctly lighter, more compact and more aerodynamically efficient (less drag) than its predecessor. It weighs between 4 and 4.5 kg, and its EN/LTF approved foam protector is only 13 cm thick. As far as we can see it should be on the market at the beginning of June 2011.

The big novelty with the IMPRESS 3 is that it has no seatboard. The body is better supported by a crease-free surface, and this is more comfortable. A lot of work has gone into this, based on wind tunnel research for optimising the aerodynamics, but the end result of a harness with speedbag, with a EN/LTF approved foam protector, at a weight of only around 4,5 kg is, however you want to look at it, absolutely revolutionary. The foam protector, by the way, is still only 13 cm thick, and the packed up volume is much reduced.

IMPRESS 3 Information

The IMPRESS 3 is available in 3 sizes and 2 colours. Unlike the IMPRESS 2+ a wind skirt version is not anticipated. The size M is planned to go on sale at the beginning of June 2011, and S and L sizes should follow at the end of June 2011.

One response to “More news on the Impress 3”

  1. I have been using a Lightness since late last year, and previously to that an Impress 2 for a couple of years. The lightness is much more comfortable than the Impress 2 ever was – after a long time in the Impress the seatboard would tend to make my bum numb. The hammock design of the lightness is much better. The Lightness I find is also easier to slip into the footbag, whereas I often had trouble locating my feet into the Impress. The lightness is a pain regarding the conncting straps – in fact I have never disconnected them, always sticking my feet in and wriggling up into the harness. The Impress 2 was wonderful in that respect and really easy and safe to get in without missing connections. If I didn’t already have the Lightness at great cost, I would have been first in the queue for an Impress 3, as it looks like it will have all the good points of both products with some extra improvements on top. For anyone thinking of a new harness you really must try out the lighness or impress 3 – I have no reason to say so other than my experience of their other superbly thought out and constructed products. I tried virtually every enclosed harness before I settled on the Lighness, and nothing came close in terms of design.

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