First UK sighting of the Sigma 8 in the wild…! [1]

Pembrokeshire Paragliding CFI Nick Bamber is clearly enjoying his new Sigma 8 25 if his comments on his YouTube channel are anything to go by…

“This was first flight on the new Advance Sigma 8. Blown away by this glider and chuffed to own it!! Possibly, no probably (but I need to spend some more time on it in Spring thermals) the best glider, all round , I have ever flown. Amazing performance, speed and glide are brilliant, beautifuly smooth and carvey in the turns. personally i love the brake set up, just how i like it, perfectly progressive with just the right amount of feedback. Overall it felt as precise as a swiss watch!! Can’t wait to get back up on her on a more thermic day!! i think she will be a total thermalling machine!! ;-)”

Check out his film of his first flight here:

YouTube link

Incidentally, the Preseli mountains in Pembrokeshire look like a lovely place to fly…

[1] Well, what I really mean is the first UK sighting on YouTube 🙂

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