GTO vs Omega 8 vs Peak 2 vs Venus 2 review…

Interesting review here of these gliders by Lebanese pilot Ziad Bassil… No prizes for guessing which wing he prefers…! Clearly out and out performance isn’t everything, but as Ziad says “Comparisons are only to get an idea what the glider will be and feel like. Some like it soft on the brakes, others find it too jumpy… But the best glider is the one that each individual pilot will have the most fun with. For some it could be the glider that out-climb or out-glide your club mates…. But for most, it is the one that will give you a smile and a satisfying happy feeling immediately after you land. That’s the glider you must choose. So there is no best glider rather than best feeling for a glider.
Fly SAFE, Ziad

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2 responses to “GTO vs Omega 8 vs Peak 2 vs Venus 2 review…”

  1. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for putting the link.I am happy that you did.
    Can you please change nationality ? ,i am a pilot from LEBANON,and hope to see one day in my country.
    Thank you.

  2. Apologies Ziad, I’ve changed it. I’ll have to add Lebanon to my list of PG destinations… Trouble is there are so many places I want to visit!

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