Omega 8 demo gliders in the UK

There is one O8 25 and one 27 doing the rounds in the UK. Please let me know if you’d like to try one. Serious enquiries only please! Also, Gavin Foster (UK Advance importer) is keen to see a few people fly O8s in the British Champs in St Andre in September. Let me know if you’re interested – I’m sure we can do you a good deal!

Size / weight info here.

One response to “Omega 8 demo gliders in the UK”

  1. Flown a wing for two days.
    Day 1 at Westbury – strong thermal up to 4,5 m/s + strong wind. Done 36km xc flight. Feedback, in compare to previous Omega 7 which I used for 95hr so far I can say that Advance like usualy done some improvements like:
    – better turning without banking the canopy – more efficient with poor condition, easier when coreing thermal.
    – reduce weight of canopy (carbon rods) allows grand handling at min breze – much better than Omega 7, but in strong wind have to control D-risers before take-off (wants stand up itself)
    – most important, speed system stability, resistance to turbulent air. I noticed to be quieter at 25% of speed than at the trim speed in rough air, like in Omega 7 but sink rate is improved.
    Day 2 Long Mynd. Strong wing at take off. Done 46.7km xc before overdevelop and rain. Big ears + speed stability briliant – had to escape from cloud (Ears first +75% speed – no fear).
    If condition allows I am happy to pull some DHV monovers – like colapses, spins, frontals etc just for check how easy is recovering from them.
    I wish I could keep that paraglider a bit longer before I get my own:)
    Thanks Tim for letting me use

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