Swanage video now on YouTube

Watch it at YouTube or below

Don’t forget to read the writeup here!

4 responses to “Swanage video now on YouTube”

  1. cheers for sharing this mate … always good to see what decisions were made and get a feel for what the sky looked like in flight .. I would have liked to haved joined you on sat but my car wouldn’t have made it with the gearbox the way it is at the moment .. still I’ve bought a new parawagon which I should be able to pick up this week – you must bring me with you next time you head down there to show me how it’s done 😀

  2. Hi Tim, thanks for your comments… I’ll keep my eyes open for an orange glider! I use iMovie HD on my aging iBook G4. Still does the job though… I skiied the VB at the beginning of May last year – would have loved to have flown down it though! Spectacular! Surprised you didn’t need gloves…

  3. Hmmm….. another nudge towards buying one of Mr Jobs shiny Macs….

    Yes it was a bit nippy to start with and I had the gloves ready in a pocket but I’d anticipated a some in flight camera faffing (I’d a borrowed Hero on my helmet which I was still figuring out how to use…)

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