Omega 8 available for test flights in mid June!

The development of Advance’s new high-end cross-country glider is finished. The first test wings will be available to dealers around the middle of June.

Advance Omega 8

The new OMEGA builds on the proven three-line concept of the 2009 World Champion’s glider and the X-Alps prototypes. You can see that this latest ADVANCE flag-carrier has evolved from past sporting successes. With an aspect ratio of 6.8 and a useable top speed of 59 km/h the OMEGA 8 is the best performer in its class.

Holding all the trump cards comes to nothing if a cross-country glider makes life difficult for its pilot – specifically in accelerated flight in rough air. This glider provides its pilot with an intriguing – spell-binding even – feeling in flight, thanks to its familiar and unmistakeable ADVANCE handling, combined with exceptional performance figures. The weight of the wing has been reduced to hardly 6 kg (27 size) thanks to a new structure, a careful mix of materials, and nylon wires in the leading edge. Impressively agreeable takeoff behaviour (for this class) rounds off the product perfectly.

The OMEGA 8 serial high performer is intended for experienced cross-country frequent flyers. Its sporty and elegant design will turn heads, and it comes in new, fresh colours. The wing is available in three colour combinations – palm, orange and white – and in four sizes (23, 25, 27 and 29 m2). All four sizes will have EN/LTF D certification. The flight tests of the 25 and 27 have already been completed.

But see for yourself – book a test flight from the middle of June! More information and technical data is coming out soon on the Advance website.

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