A fun day at Bossington

I’ve been flying for 21 years now and have never managed a trip to the North Somerset coastal sites, so after the recent club evening when Reech showed a video of Bossington, on Sunday 14th Feb Richard Danbury, Tom Mayne and I decided to give North Hill or Bossington a go. It was too light and off to the west at North Hill so we drove a bit further along the road to Bossington. There wasn’t much wind initially, but by about 2pm it was nicely soarable.

Mellow soaring (Photo Richard Danbury)

Click on the photo to see more photos on my flickr page.

All in all it was a very pleasant day, and well worth the trip. We’ll hopefully be back in October or November on a day with cold northerlies to try to do a nice long coastal flight with the help of some sea thermals!

One response to “A fun day at Bossington”

  1. That looks fantastic. Will have to add that to my ever increasing list of things to do.

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