Video of my flight now on YouTube…

Click on the image below to go to the video on YouTube… (NB. I’ve also uploaded a lower res version to YouTube in case the HD version runs slowly on your computer – click here)

Click to view the video on YouTubeor watch the embedded version:

7 responses to “Video of my flight now on YouTube…”

  1. That is an outrageously good flight video. Should keep you smiling all winter, Tim!

  2. Wow, my favorite coast and music very inspiring. To me that’s what it’s all about I am so green with envy.

    1. Thanks Alex. I love this stretch of coast too. I’ve walked it, sailed in front of it, and flown along it at Ringstead and Kimmeridge, but this is the first time I’ve flown to it! I’ve flown further before, and stayed up longer, and been much higher, but this is definitely one of my most satisfying flights ever. For me, it sums up very nicely why I fly…

  3. Very Cool flight Tim. I like the Pink Floyd track and your coment at about 2.12min into the video.

    1. Cheers Ian, the music worked well I thought. Lucky it was the right length 🙂 Yep. I was pretty stoked when I shouted that – I had just got high again after being down to 400-500′. It’s an awesome sport when it comes good isn’t it!

  4. Superb! dont need coment… :))

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