Another flight using the Impress 2

I had a lovely 41km flight from The Long Mynd on Saturday 8th August on the occasion of the BCC Final at the Long Mynd. I’m not sure whether the Impress 2 helped, but it feels so comfortable and snug I’m sure it must have! Gavin says it adds a point to the glide angle…

I’d never flown from the Mynd before – it’s a beautiful site…

Long Mynd take-off

This is the view shortly after leaving the hill looking NE towards Church Stretton…

Church Stretton

From here it was along Wenlock Edge towards Ironbridge…

Wenlock Edge

Looking down on Ironbridge…


I struggled to find more decent lift after Telford, and eventually landed just to the north of the ATZ at Cosford…

Alastair Florence from the Wessex club won the day with a stonking 85km flight to the south of Birmingham airspace on his Omega 6. Nice one!

Tragically the day was marred by the death of two non-BCC pilots in a mid-air collision above take-off, long after most BCC pilots had left the hill.

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