First flight using an Impress 2

Richard and Rod helping me set up my Impress 2
Richard and Rod helping me set up my Impress 2

I was a bit nervous before I took off at Merthyr – it was quite breezy and I was hoping I’d got the speed system set to the right length – but I needn’t have worried, the whole set up was perfect! I took off and within five minutes was climbing out under a 7/8th sky. However it was working well and before long I was at base at about 4000′.

It felt like I was cruising round in a high performance racing yacht – it sliced through the air superbly just as a large yacht slices through the waves effortlessly. The speed system was easy to use and although I had no one to compare glides against, I’m sure Rod, who was behind and beneath me will attest to my excellent glide angle…

Alas, all too soon I was approaching Abergavanny and getting low (I think I’m still in Annecy mode) but I managed to soar the little tree covered hill to the east of Aber for about half an hour but I never got up again in the overcast sky.

So a lovely, albeit too short flight, but it was great to try out the harness – I was suitably Impressed!

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