For sale: “Much loved” Omega 5 30, £300

Well, seeing as how my new Sigma 7 has now arrived I’d better make some effort to sell my much loved Omega 5 30 (100-120kg all up weight). I’ve had it since 2002 (it was a year old when I bought it – John Panter flew it in the Nationals the year before), but it’s still in very good condition and flies very nicely. I’ve had many great flights on it, and came 49th in last year’s British Open at Pedro Bernardo on it, getting into goal on 4 tasks (out of 6). It’s a shame there’s no vintage glider class – I definitely would have won it 🙂 My most recent xc flight was on 30th March when I flew 53km from Talybont to somewhere south of Hereford on a stonking early spring day! (flight details here)

View the manual here.

Drop me a line or call me if you’re interested…

Thermalling during last year's British Open in Pedro Bernardo (photo: Daniel Crespo)

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