SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger for hire

SPOT2EDIT 22/11/2016 – I’ve now sold this and am buying a Delorme InReach SE instead.

I’ve recently bought a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (includes the tracking options which updates your position on a website every 10 minutes) and in order to keep my costs down I’m willing to hire it out if I’m not using it, for what I hope are reasonable rates:

  • weekend (2-4 days) – £15 (includes £5 battery refund)
  • week (5-10 days) – £25 (includes £5 battery refund)
  • two weeks (11-16) days – £35 (includes £5 battery refund)
  • a month (17-35) days – £55 (includes two spare sets of batteries – ie. £10 refund)
  • longer – poa
I’ll supply a spare set of Energizer Lithium batteries but will refund £5 if they are returned unopened.
I’ll also need a deposit (amount to be decided, but typically £50 if I know you or you’re a member of a nearby club, otherwise £100).
I’ll set it up with all your contact and emergency details and link it with your Facebook account if required.
I will charge £7 to send it to you by 1pm next day Special Delivery. It is your responsibility to return it to me.
SPOT coverage – (I’ve read that it works in the Bir Billing area of India too – see
Click here to read the SPOT user guide.
Anyway, keep this at the back of your mind when you’re planning your next trip.

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  1. This seems like a really great idea – maybe a few other clubs or individuals could follow suit and make more available ? It makes sense for non-comp pilots not to have to buy their own for the odd week of foreign XC flying….

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