@avonairspace Twitter account closing

For a number of years the Avon Club has been using Twitter in conjunction with a service called GroupTweet to broadcast airspace announcements (eg. Bath Gap, Ubley and Halesland Glider Block, Westbury), however it has become apparent that it’s complicated and unreliable and isn’t working as well as it needs to.

So effective immediately we are switching to a “closed” (ie. invite only) system using the free cross platform Telegram app (www.telegram.org). You obviously need a smartphone and mobile data connection to use it, but as there is mobile data coverage at the sites where it’ll be used (Ubley, Westbury, Mere, Leckhampton) this shouldn’t cause a problem. And if you don’t have a smartphone it’s very likely that someone else on the hill will do.

But as far as requesting the Bath Gap be opened say, if you don’t have a smartphone you will of course still have the option of requesting it be opened by texting or phoning one of the five Avon members who are authorised to speak to Bristol Air Traffic Control, and they will then broadcast that it is open by using Telegram instead of Twitter.

So, how do I join the Avon Airspace Telegram group?

Firstly install the app, then get in touch with whoever is helping manage this in your main club and ask them to add you:
Avon – me
Thames Valley – Chris Williams
D&S Condors – Viv Fouracre
Malverns – Bryan Hindle
Others – me

Announcements on this group are likely to be few and far between (except during runs of NE’lys 🙂 ) so there is little danger of being swamped by alerts, however it is very easy to turn off notifications for a group should you find it a nuisance from time to time.

One final thing, there is no obligation to join the group as this doesn’t change the way airspace is opened, it simply changes how it is announced. It’s certainly not necessary for everyone on Leckhampton say, on a good day, to have the app. I fully expect messages to be passed on between pilots on the hill as happens now.

Click here for information on the Bath Gap and other “Avon” airspace.

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